trekking tours in morocco

Hiking and trekking tours in morocco

1-trekking tours in morocco

Chances for challenge trips and nice walks are diffuse all over this world , you only want to know where to find out them so let’s know about trekking tours in morocco (morocco trips).

Explore the wild hideaway beauties of the high mountains of North Africa .wandering into the Moroccan hills and zigzag along the wild trails that are decorated with beautiful scenery. The head of the Moroccan landscape is the Atlas Mountains, which crowns in the imposing peak of Toubkal, the king top of all Morocco and North Africa. You could visit between March and November for perfect hiking circumstances in morocco

1-1-Why Morocco is the best destination in Africa in terms of trakking tours ?

North Africa is characterized by its attractive regions and its long mountains , especially Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, and this is what makes it fertile ground for trekking tours.

But Morocco sits on the throne in terms of trekking tours , because it simply contains one of the largest mountain ranges in Africa, extending into the Atlas Mountains , and perhaps the most famous of these mountains is Mount Toubkal.

trakking tours in morocco

1-2-The best two trekking tours in morocco

Trek to the top of Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains, from Marrakech

You can climb the greatest mountain in North Africa. Enjoy the wondrous views from the High Atlas Mountains. Visit local villages and find out about the local culture.

The Atlas Mountains may be a spectacular range that stretches across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. The region has managed to maintain a way of tranquility, survival somewhat off the tourist path . There also are many villages huddled within the mountains. All of this adds to its charm.

Our adventure will begin in Imlil, where we’ll start our trip to the top. On the way. We’ll also undergo local villages and we are ready to provide you with more information about the local culture and history of the region while trekking tours in morocco .

The views that you’ll get as you trek through the mountains are simply spectacular. Then, at the summit, breathtaking panoramic views of the valley below will await you. Spend a while they’re taking it to beat. And getting as many photos as we can!

Looking out over the Atlas Mountains and therefore the surrounding area from the summit is actually magical. This trip is unmissable. Request to book now and secure your spot.

Hike to a traditional Berber village within the High Atlas, excursion from Marrakech

Let me take you on a trek to a Berber village within the Atlas Mountains where you’ll be ready to engage yourself in their culture for the day. The Berber people were actually a number of the earliest inhabitants of Morocco and this is often a unique opportunity to find out about their traditions.

The Atlas Mountain village of Imlil. From there we’ll start our adventure with a hike into the High Altas. This is often not a very difficult trek and we’ll reach our destination village in around one hour. You’ll get to require in beautiful mountain scenery along the way.

When we get to the village we’ll find out how traditional mint tea and bread are made. Then, we’ll enjoy a traditional lunch during a Berber home; this could be something sort of a delicious chicken Tajine or a couscous dish.

We’ll even walk during a stroll through fields of apples, peaches, cherries, and apricots and walk through the park.

All of this that we have mentioned to you does not exceed 30 percent of the total adventures in the field of trekking tours in morocco.

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