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Are you attending to travel to Morocco for a private escorted sightseeing tour, or a complete vacation ? Or more precisely, do you want sightseeing morocco ?

In this paragraph We understand very well, what you need. It’s not just about visiting touristic sightseeing morocco – it’s much more than this.
Firstly , Let’s run a full experience in Morocco: to know its history and additionally the present – to see how the people live, talk with them, try their traditional food, visit their markets, and of course, understand our culture and tradition. And of course, visit all the archaeological situations…

Secondly , Actions to far-off places engage you in the culture as you enjoy everything from the food and customs to the entertainment and landmarks. Exploring the destination on your own is always an option, but travelers often choose guided tours as a way to get their bearings.

Sightseeing tours Unmissable Attractions  in morocco (sightseeing morocco)

1) Ait Benhaddou, Ouarzazate

ait ben haddou

Ahistoric castle, the majestic Ait Benhaddou is placed near to Oua rzazate. On the sides of the desert, the picturesque UNESCO-listed village has been used as a shooting site for a number of films. Although various previous occupants now live elsewhere, a walk through the maze-like citadel explains how people used to live in the past. The multi-level dwellings, with the lower levels kept for livestock, and merchants’ homes are all built from mud.

2) Legzira Beach, Sidi Ifni

A wonderful stretch of beach along Morocco’s southern Atlantic beach, the rocky Legzira Beach is known for its red cliffs and original stone arch. Although one majestic stone archway regrettably collapsed, there is yet another remaining wonderful arch to wonder. The hilly coastline is beautiful and the windy circumstances attract keen surfers and paragliding enthusiasts.

3) Chaouwara Tanneries, Fes

Active, colorful, atmospheric, and more than a little pungent, the tanneries of Fes let guests see portion of the old leatherwork methods. See as hard-working men treat and dye leather in huge pits, using techniques that have remained mostly the same for various hundred years. There are various viewing areas, located through leather shops, from where you could watch the work in the Chaouwara Tanneries.

4) Bab el-Mansour, Meknes

One of the farthest pretty impressive gates in the whole nation, Meknes’s Bab el-Mansour is enhanced with striking tilework and florid calligraphy. Built in the 1730s, it was the central gateway between the city’s old medina and the former royal capital.

5) Jbel Toubkal

toubkal trekking

The highest mountain in Morocco , Jbel Toubkal stands at 4,167-metres high. Portion of the High Atlas Mountains , it interests adventure passengers, hikers, and lovers of the great outdoors. The mountain’s peak gives sweeping vistas and the around national park is filled with exciting wildlife.

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