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learn to cook moroccan dishes

Learn about the importance of cooking in Moroccan society the traditional female cook. You will be guided through local recipes and prepare a dish yourself, then get to enjoy your very own homemade meal.

visit a local hammam

This traditional Moroccan bath takes two forms, public or private. To truly experience a real Moroccan hammam go to the local one and, if you are on your own, you’ll almost certainly get the scrubbing of a lifetime from a friendly local!

Yoga in the Sahara Desert

Learn Yoga in the Desert in Morocco

Yoga is a way to bring body, spirit and soul into harmony. It is an opportunity to have more control over resolving everyday problems and health issues.A certain amount of life energy arises through the traditional physical exercise, breathing techniques and different forms ofrelaxation and meditation.

When you learn how to breathe correctly, the body and soul expands and you become more flexible. You can experience your own limitations and you can learn how to transform them.

We organize yoga events and intensive sessions for groups in the Erg Chebbi Dunes near Merzouga in southern Morocco. Groups of 10 to 15 people over a 5 day program to include nutritious meals, accommodation in nomad tents, tranquil surroundings and clean air. We promote the themes of love and respect for the earth in this idyllic location; a magical place home to nomadic ethnical groups and the gateway to the vast Saharan landscapes with its ancient customs and caravan routes.

The two most special times of the day are at dawn and dusk, we will be using this time to connect and practice yoga.

Days will be spent in silent meditation, group conversation, enjoying local customs and hospitality, good food and some local music.

Come and discover this mystical place and spend time reconnecting, rebalancing and sleeping under the amazing vista of the star filled sky.

cycling tours in morocco

Think there’s only one way to view the world? Think again! You could mix up your bike tour with other details in several ways and especially we need to know the morocco bike tour or cycling in morocco.

Cycling in Morocco, We think that there are no problems when there’s nothing between us and the outside world, Wonderful landscapes, and excursions. And spent all-time in the workplace or home but let’s know many points in amazing morocco trips.

No big bus window. No Phone screen. No plans or walls or guidebooks. Only the wind and the open road. That’s the thinking behind our cycling tours. There’s a pleasant simplicity to cycling. You begin slowly ride your way, powered by nothing but your own legs…and possibly a Provencal orange cake and a couple of extra-strength coffeehouses. This is cycling Intrepid-style in morocco. Which indicates it’s not the Tour in France. You don’t receive prizes for becoming in first, these morocco trips are for characters that really need to see a new place, not only travel it. Ride on.

What about a road cycling holiday in Morocco (morocco bike tour)?

If you are thinking of a road cycling vacation, think of Morocco, one of the world’s most excellent destinations for road cycling! Different and, seductive Morocco offers an amazing mosaic of cultures and a wondrous mixture of mountain ranges with exciting landscapes. With a frequently expanding chain of new and really backcountry tarmac paths throughout the Atlas Mountains and the Grand South, it is time for cycling supporters to come and ride it! Throughout the latest few years, we have distilled a variety of routes for all levels covering the major highlights of Morocco’s best places. Our road cycling tours are completely supported, so all that you have to do is cycle light and enjoy the country. During your cycling journey in Morocco, you will experiment with the delights of the world-known Moroccan cookery besides a collection of actual accommodations from basic gites to charming guesthouses and Riad. A cycling tour in Morocco is an individual event where you will engage in a wondrous culture and witness the traditional Moroccan hospitality!

The wonderful two places for cycling trips in morocco

Agafay desert adventure

Cycling in morocco (Agafay desert adventure) starts west of Marrakech to arrive at the northern edge of Agafay. This semi-lunar terrain is the ideal terrain for a wondrous Gravel cycle Tour day. After we get our bikes fitted, we will ride a tiny flat section, and then a shortened climb through a kind Eucalyptus forest. At the height of the climb, we will enjoy the nice views of the barren hills contrasting with the snowcapped Atlas Mountains. In the spring, you will ride countless miles of flat gravel roads across undulant hills alive with blossoming wildflowers and cross isolated Berber villages. At the end of the ride, we will arrive at our lunch spot at Lake Taker oust.


The bike tour starts through the buzzing Marrakesh and takes the calmer road of Sidi Abdellah Gheyat. A pleasant stretch across the Haouz Plain on a flat direct line (37km). Serious things start on the foothill of the Atlas Mountains, with a challenging climb of 10km to reach the high plateaus of Iger. The views are just amazing and the snow-capped mountains contrast with the green terraces of barley and almond trees.

Sightseeing morocco

Are you attending to travel to Morocco for a private escorted sightseeing tour, or a complete vacation ? Or more precisely, do you want sightseeing morocco ?

In this paragraph We understand very well, what you need. It’s not just about visiting touristic sightseeing morocco – it’s much more than this.
Firstly , Let’s run a full experience in Morocco: to know its history and additionally the present – to see how the people live, talk with them, try their traditional food, visit their markets, and of course, understand our culture and tradition. And of course, visit all the archaeological situations…

Secondly , Actions to far-off places engage you in the culture as you enjoy everything from the food and customs to the entertainment and landmarks. Exploring the destination on your own is always an option, but travelers often choose guided tours as a way to get their bearings.

Sightseeing tours Unmissable Attractions  in morocco (sightseeing morocco)

1) Ait Benhaddou, Ouarzazate

ait ben haddou

Ahistoric castle, the majestic Ait Benhaddou is placed near to Oua rzazate. On the sides of the desert, the picturesque UNESCO-listed village has been used as a shooting site for a number of films. Although various previous occupants now live elsewhere, a walk through the maze-like citadel explains how people used to live in the past. The multi-level dwellings, with the lower levels kept for livestock, and merchants’ homes are all built from mud.

2) Legzira Beach, Sidi Ifni

A wonderful stretch of beach along Morocco’s southern Atlantic beach, the rocky Legzira Beach is known for its red cliffs and original stone arch. Although one majestic stone archway regrettably collapsed, there is yet another remaining wonderful arch to wonder. The hilly coastline is beautiful and the windy circumstances attract keen surfers and paragliding enthusiasts.

3) Chaouwara Tanneries, Fes

Active, colorful, atmospheric, and more than a little pungent, the tanneries of Fes let guests see portion of the old leatherwork methods. See as hard-working men treat and dye leather in huge pits, using techniques that have remained mostly the same for various hundred years. There are various viewing areas, located through leather shops, from where you could watch the work in the Chaouwara Tanneries.

4) Bab el-Mansour, Meknes

One of the farthest pretty impressive gates in the whole nation, Meknes’s Bab el-Mansour is enhanced with striking tilework and florid calligraphy. Built in the 1730s, it was the central gateway between the city’s old medina and the former royal capital.

5) Jbel Toubkal

toubkal trekking

The highest mountain in Morocco , Jbel Toubkal stands at 4,167-metres high. Portion of the High Atlas Mountains , it interests adventure passengers, hikers, and lovers of the great outdoors. The mountain’s peak gives sweeping vistas and the around national park is filled with exciting wildlife.

morocco excursion

Excursion in morocco

Morocco tours, few lands hold as a lot of dreamy attraction for tourists as the wonderful country of Morocco. Desert fortresses rise out of the sands of the Sahara. Sapphire oceans embrace white sandy beaches. The purpled peaks of the Atlas Mountains shine with snow. Visit Morocco to notice all of these sights and excursion in morocco and behind each city, the wall is an adventure in art, architecture, and cuisine. The winding alleyways of the Medina give way to the bustling souks, tent after tent filled with brightly colored silks and baskets of spices. At the hammam, you can indulge in massages perfumed with scented oils and salt scrubs.

excursion in morocco

The 5 Best Morocco Tours Excursions

1-Atlas Mountains and Three Valleys & Waterfalls – Camel ride Day Trip Marrakech

Morocco Tours

2-Desert Agafay and Atlas Mountains & Camel ride Day Trip From Marrakech- morocco excursion

morocco excursion

3-Atlas Mountains Ride from Marrakech with Berber Breakfast and Desert Camel Experience – excursion in morocco

morocco excursion

4-Atlas Mountains and 3 Valleys & Waterfalls & Desert Agafay – excursion in morocco

excursion in morocco

5-Desert Tour From Marrakech through the Atlas Mountains & Camel ride

excursion in morocco

What tours in Morocco are suitable for avoidingcrowds?

These hidden gems in Morocco may have defined interplay with crowds, let’s know the best excursion in morocco:

  • The Atlas Mountains and Three Valleys & Waterfalls
    • Camel ride Day Trip Marrakech
  • Desert Agafay and the Atlas Mountains & Camel ride Day Trip From Marrakech
  • Atlas Mountains Hot Air Balloon Ride from Marrakech with Berber Breakfast and Desert Camel Experience
  • Ouzoud Falls Day Trip from Marrakech
    • The Atlas Mountains and 3 Valleys & Waterfalls & Desert Agafay – Day Trip Marrakech

Matters do not Miss in Morocco

  •  Sun tanning and windsurfing in Essaouira
  • Shopping the souk in the medieval city of Fez
  • Visiting a hammam in Marrakesh
  • Ride a camel on the golden sand dunes of Erg Chebbi
  • wander along the blue walls of Chefchaouen

When to Go to Morocco

Due to the various geography, the best chance to travel to Morocco depends considerably on where you are going. In common, spring (April and May) is the best climate across Morocco. In the Saharan area–and to a lesser degree, the towns of the plains–midsummer should be bypassed. However, the warmest months are graceful for a visit to the coastal cities, like Essaouira and Rabat. Winter months are quite cold in the mountains, which could be hard since many hotels don’t have heating. Desert days are warm and clear during the summer, but temperatures at night can plummet.

It is further important to look Islamic holidays when you travel to Morocco. The month of Ramadan includes strict fasting during the day, which can be already an issue for transportation, but the parties at night can make up for the subdued days.

Hiking and trekking tours in morocco

1-trekking tours in morocco

Chances for challenge trips and nice walks are diffuse all over this world , you only want to know where to find out them so let’s know about trekking tours in morocco (morocco trips).

Explore the wild hideaway beauties of the high mountains of North Africa .wandering into the Moroccan hills and zigzag along the wild trails that are decorated with beautiful scenery. The head of the Moroccan landscape is the Atlas Mountains, which crowns in the imposing peak of Toubkal, the king top of all Morocco and North Africa. You could visit between March and November for perfect hiking circumstances in morocco

1-1-Why Morocco is the best destination in Africa in terms of trakking tours ?

North Africa is characterized by its attractive regions and its long mountains , especially Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, and this is what makes it fertile ground for trekking tours.

But Morocco sits on the throne in terms of trekking tours , because it simply contains one of the largest mountain ranges in Africa, extending into the Atlas Mountains , and perhaps the most famous of these mountains is Mount Toubkal.

trakking tours in morocco

1-2-The best two trekking tours in morocco

Trek to the top of Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains, from Marrakech

You can climb the greatest mountain in North Africa. Enjoy the wondrous views from the High Atlas Mountains. Visit local villages and find out about the local culture.

The Atlas Mountains may be a spectacular range that stretches across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. The region has managed to maintain a way of tranquility, survival somewhat off the tourist path . There also are many villages huddled within the mountains. All of this adds to its charm.

Our adventure will begin in Imlil, where we’ll start our trip to the top. On the way. We’ll also undergo local villages and we are ready to provide you with more information about the local culture and history of the region while trekking tours in morocco .

The views that you’ll get as you trek through the mountains are simply spectacular. Then, at the summit, breathtaking panoramic views of the valley below will await you. Spend a while they’re taking it to beat. And getting as many photos as we can!

Looking out over the Atlas Mountains and therefore the surrounding area from the summit is actually magical. This trip is unmissable. Request to book now and secure your spot.

Hike to a traditional Berber village within the High Atlas, excursion from Marrakech

Let me take you on a trek to a Berber village within the Atlas Mountains where you’ll be ready to engage yourself in their culture for the day. The Berber people were actually a number of the earliest inhabitants of Morocco and this is often a unique opportunity to find out about their traditions.

The Atlas Mountain village of Imlil. From there we’ll start our adventure with a hike into the High Altas. This is often not a very difficult trek and we’ll reach our destination village in around one hour. You’ll get to require in beautiful mountain scenery along the way.

When we get to the village we’ll find out how traditional mint tea and bread are made. Then, we’ll enjoy a traditional lunch during a Berber home; this could be something sort of a delicious chicken Tajine or a couscous dish.

We’ll even walk during a stroll through fields of apples, peaches, cherries, and apricots and walk through the park.

All of this that we have mentioned to you does not exceed 30 percent of the total adventures in the field of trekking tours in morocco.


Can you think of more magical exotic location to ring in the New Year! Morocco Camel Trekking is delighted to host this annual celebration with our own unique package specially created for this occasion

VIP Tours offers a wide range of sightseeing tours in Morocco from the most popular destinations to the many unique places and off the beaten track locations.

Whether you’re traveling solo or with family or friends, on honeymoon, organising a corporate event, or getting married; whatever the occasion, you can rely on VIP Tours to make your visit to Morocco a memorable one.

Let our most experienced tour guides entertain you with their insight and knowledge. We pride ourselves on the services we provide and offer our clients.

Airport meet and greet with luxury private transfers including limousine availability.

• The latest luxury fully air conditioned private vehicles with Mercedes and Jaguar sedans, top of the range 4×4´s and minibuses.

• Our professional English speaking drivers and guides at your service. • Helicopter transfers to the Sahara desert camps.

• 5* Luxury accommodation in Boutique Riads and Hotels.

• 5* Gourmet dining experiences.

• 5* Luxury accommodation in the most exclusive desert camps with top quality services and attention to detail.

• Luxury bed linens in our desert camps with comfortable beds, cotton sheets, silk throws, quality artisan crafts and hand woven rugs.

• 5* en-suite bathrooms with hot showers and complimentary branded toiletries.

• Exclusivity and privacy for your special occasions and corporate events.

• Genuine personal service from our staff.

• Flexibility in planning and management.

• Events tailored and customised to your requirements and needs.

• The benefit of our years of experience in the tourism sector and our extensive knowledge of our country.

We look forward to welcoming you and we are here at your service.

New Year’s Eve in the Sahara Desert

Can you think of more magical exotic location to ring in the New Year! Morocco Camel Trekking is delighted to host this annual celebration with our own unique package specially created for this occasion

To spend the last days of the year and ring in the new in the heart of the Sahara Desert is a wonderful opportunity and experience. Come with a group of friends or family and celebrate this international event in this amazing environment. You can come for a few days and spend some time exploring the region, take a camel ride, discover the delicious local dishes and grab some winter sun.

We can organise a program tailor made for you and provide all the transportation as required. Just email us and we will work with you to plan that fantastic trip. We look forward to welcoming you in our magical desert camp where you can enjoy the ambience round the camp fire with the stars overhead, great food and amazing music.

Bivouac in the Desert

Morocco Camel Trekking offers its clients a wide range of activities and services that involve the exploration of the dunes of Erg Chebbi in the Sahara Desert. Of all the experiences in life, your wish-list should include a night spent in a Nomad Camp in the desert. It really is an unforgettable memory and one that may tug at you to come back many times. The vastness of the environment, the silence that is incomparable, the peace it restores, the magic of the hospitality and the chance to reconnect with the earth are just a few reasons. The Berber bivouac is an exceptional affair. Sitting around the crackling campfire, eating delicious locally prepared meals, listening to the hypnotic rhythms of the traditional drumming music and song, marvelling at the immense sky of stars above and around you, all this, what more could you ask for.

We offer our guests the opportunity to enjoy the sunset camel trek to your desert camp to add to the amazing experience. In the morning too you can get up early to see the sunrise over the golden dunes, watching the light changing as it moves along the sand chasing away the night sky, it really is a very special time of the day.

If one night is not enough for you then we propose our camel trekking tours, spend a few nights with the Nomads, learning their ways of life, trek during the day to explore the different environs and landscapes and listen to their stories and music in the evening. These treks can be for a few days or longer, just email us for more information about this incredible adventure and life changing experience

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